Last updated on Wednesday 1st of December 2021 12:56:50 PM

©XSIBackup Classic: free backup for ©VMWare ©ESXi

Protect your virtual machines from ransomware and other threats

 Please note that this post is relative to old deprecated software ©XSIBackup-Classic. Some facts herein contained may still be applicable to more recent versions though.

For new instalations please use new ©XSIBackup which is far more advanced than ©XSIBackup-Classic.

Older versions of ©XSIBackup-Free & Pro have been renamed to ©XSIBackup-Classic to differentiate them from newer releases based on a different line of development which is more advanced and compatible with ©ESXi 7.0

We are not selling old ©XSIBackup-Pro any more. Nonetheless you can buy any new edition of Pro or DC and ask for a ©XSIBackup-Pro Classic license, which will be added to your user panel free of charge.

©XSIBackup-Classic is as useful and efficient as always, nonetheless the evolution of the ©ESXi hypervisor forced a change in direction and a complete renovation of our main line of software that we named ©XSIBackup-DC or ©XSIBackup-Datacenter.

Nonetheless in these days in which ransomware attacks are causing great harm, in special to SMEs, ©XSIBackup Classic can become a vital lifeline in your disaster recovery plan with its capacity to backup all your VMs at no cost.

For a little more ©XSIBackup-DC can multiply your storage capacity by employing full block deduplication, so that you can recover data from any moment in the past.

©XSIBackup-DC is by far more advanced than ©XSIBackup-Classic, as it is based in a monolitic C binary and it's also easier to use: it has more intuitive and shorter commands plus a redesigned nCurses GUI, which is aimed at easing deployment of backup jobs. It also has more advanced features, like CBT or Changed Block Tracking technology.

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Choose your ©XSIBackup Classic Edition
Features Free Pro
Download it! Download Add to shopping cart
User manual Manual Manual
Current version
Automatic provisioning of space
Backup over IP with Rsync
Compatible with ©ESXi 5.1 to 6.7U3
Compatible with ©ESXi Free Edition
Cron programmable
Differential ©ESXi Backup & Replication tool
E-mail report
Full selectable block deduplication: 1, 10, 20, 50 MB, up until 98% compression ratio
Hot Backup of virtual machines
Secure backup over IP via SSH tunnel
Backup over IP with XSIDiff, a dedicated much faster tool-
Compatible with ©ESXi 7.0 via upgrade to DC-
E-mail support-

Why ©XSIBackup?
Other software ©XSIBackup
Does not run in ©ESXi Free It runs in ©ESXi Free
Run on a separate OS Runs in the ©ESXi shell
Complex GB installation, third party software 2 MB in size, copy, assign permissions and use
Outcome of backups depends on Windows :-| Depends on native monolithic Linux binary
Limit the number of VMs and/ or cores No license limit per host
Have a complex twisted licensing No CPU limit, up to 20 hosts with ©XSIBackup-Pro
Can only backup/ replicate to datastores Can backup/ replicate to ©ESXi and Linux over IP
Need additional devices Any regular disk can host backups and replicas
Can't detect silent corruption Can certify backups by SHA-1 algorithm
Aren't flexible, work in a fixed way Extremely flexible, can integrate in IoT schemes
Rely on windows and user action It's totally scriptable