Last updated on Monday 28th of February 2022 08:52:48 PM

©XSIBackup-Pro Classic 8.0.0, Backup Certification

 Please note that this post is relative to old deprecated software ©XSIBackup-Classic. Some facts herein contained may still be applicable to more recent versions though.

For new instalations please use new ©XSIBackup which is far more advanced than ©XSIBackup-Classic.

For those of you that want an extra level of security, we have created the Backup Certification feature. This is nothing else but a redundant probe of the consistency of the data that is performed once the backup has finished and that will allow you to know if the md5|sha|sha1 checksums applied to the data files are equal on both sides of the backup.

Do take on account that this checksum will only be applied to disks that have been copied. Thus, if for any reason, one or more of the disks are not copied (raw device, persistent disk, etc...) and you are not aware of this fact, the backup certification will be useless.

You can apply this extra check by just appending the argument --certify-backup=md5(yes)|sha|sha1 to the backup job string

Just parsing the "yes" keyword will apply the md5 default checksum algorithm.

# ./xsibackup --backup-prog=rsync --backup-point=/backups/vm-backup --backup-type=custom \
--backup-vms="MyVM1,MyVM2" \ --smtp-port=25 \
--smtp-usr=username --smtp-pwd=password --certify-backup=sha1