Last updated on Monday 28th of February 2022 08:52:48 PM

©XSIBackup Operations Database Registry

Anatomy of the backupdb.log file

These are the fields present at the backupdb.log file in the var/log directory

Field Type Description
Session UID Int 64 bit Unique Identifier of job session
PID Int 64 bit Process Id casted to Int 64
Action Text Name of the action as passed to the xsibackup binary
VM Name Text Virtual Machine name
VM Id Text Virtual Machine Id
VM State Int 32 The VM is On (1) or Off (0)
VMX file path Text Absolute path to the .vmx file
Target Text Local or remote path to where the backup or replica was made
Compression Int 32 On (1) or Off (0)
Job Start Int 64 bit Unix Epoch
Job End Int 64 bit Unix Epoch
Sparse size Int 64 bit Nominal full size of the VDs
Real size Int 64 bit Non zero data in the VDs
Time taken Int 64 bit As a Unix Epoch difference
IPv4 Text IPv4 used in an IP backup
Port Text Port used in an IP backup
Errors Int 32 Number of errors