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XSIBackup  Licensing F.A.Q.

Q: One XSIBACKUP-PRO license allows you to install the software to one server. Then, when we say in the feature list that you can backup up to 20 hosts and unlimited VMs, what do we mean?.

A: Well, from one single server you can backup up to 20 servers, you just have to use the --host argument and launch backup jobs to any server that you have previously linked to, by using the --link-srv argument. All logs will be centralized in one installation folder. As the EULA states one license allows to use one crontab: XSIBACKUP-PRO's crontab (xsibackup-cron) or any other job scheduler of your choice.

Q: Can I use just one license to backup my client's servers?

A: No, each license is issued to a single enterprise or individual, identified by a unique business or personal Id issued by your local government.

Q: What is the difference between a spare license and a business One Site License?

A: A business One Site License is entitled to install the software to as many servers as needed within one site, a business unit located at one physical site. Business users have preference in regards to support response times and they have access to advanced support: help in configuring custom solutions, programming guidance, etc...

Q: Will I get updates for free?

A: Yes, as per the current offer, during one year after the moment of purchase.

Q: Can I subscribe to updates after the first year?

A: Yes, we offer 1 year subscriptions to all clients after the first year has ended at pocket money prices.

Q: How may I use and resell licenses?

Detailed answer:

This is a brief excerpt on how you may use a license issued by us. This is mostly generic information that may be applied by any license issued by any software vendor, except the parts affected by our own EULA.

That is: each one of our licenses can be installed in a single server, with a single crontab, to backup up to 20 servers belonging to a single fiscal entity. Please, note that by using the --host argument, you are allowed to backup up to 20 servers; that does not mean that you are allowed to install manually to each one of those 20 servers, you must let the XSIBackup process manage those remote hosts. The difference is that it will not install a remote cron on them, but instead launch those jobs from the master server.

Case 1: the software will be used on hardware that is owned by your client.

When you resell some license, you must provide your customer's data to enable an account for them. As per the act of reselling, your customer receives all rights on the license. Your invoice to the end user must include a reference number where our original invoice number is readable. This is for us to be able to trace licenses. Per instance, if our invoice number is 123/2019, you may add to your customer's invoice something like this: License number: 0000123-2019.

You may as well buy a license to give support to your customer's hardware, but keep the license under your own ownership. In this case, the license is part of a service you are giving to them, so you can decide how much to charge them and whether to mention our software in your invoices. Support will be offered to you as the owner of the license. As any other license.

XSIBackup licenses are nominal, they are issued to a fiscal unit. Since some hardware belongs to some other party, that party must own a license to use the software.

Case2: the software will be used on your hardware, which is hired to your customer and sits on your own facilities.

In this case you may decide whether reselling a license to your customer. In case of reselling, they are the owners of the license and may continue to use it even if you cease to give them service, just like above.

You may also use the license under the terms of a regular license and backup up to 20 servers from one single installation point. As the servers are yours, you can apply the regular license terms. If you need to backup more than 20 servers, you can buy additional licenses or buy some Enterprise License.

Case3: in case you collocate more than 100 servers belonging to different organizations (your clients), you may ask for a personalized volume license. Contact us to request your assessment.

Note: some hardware belongs to the fiscal unit for which it is an accounting asset.

33HOPS, Support Team
This page was last modified on 2019-02-02

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