Last updated on Sunday 7th of August 2022 07:41:41 AM

©XSIBackup Installation

How to install ©XSIBackup in ©VMWare ©ESXi ©Hypervisor

©XSIBackup is installed through SSH. Before you can install the software you must enable the SSH protocol in your ©ESXi host.

Rotate replica sets

SSH is the de facto industry standard secure protocol to access any kind of computerized device. It is indeed your most secure option to access your ©ESXi server.

Here is a detailed explanation of every step you must take to install it into any ©ESXi 5.5 or above box:

1/ Download the Free .zip package from our server.

2/ Upload it to the /tmp dir in your ©ESXi Hypervisor. You can use any SSH/SCP tool, such as WinSCP. Configuring a connection to your ©ESXi system is trivial, just add the IP, user name and password choosing SCP as the connecting protocol.

3/ Use some SSH command line tool to access the ©ESXi Hypervisor's shell. It's just like accessing any Linux/Unix or MAC os using a terminal. There are a lot of SSH clients out there, our favourite tool to run from a Windows desktop is Putty.

4/ Once you are connected to the remote ©ESXi shell, cd to the /tmp dir and unzip the downloaded file that you previuosly uploaded using WinSCP.

5/ Run ./install and accept the prompts. Install to the default dir /scratch/XSI/ unless you have a very good reason not to.

6/ Change dir to /scratch/XSI/XSIBackup-DC and start using.

Below you will find the detailed text output from some installation.

Installing a license

If you have bought one or more license keys, you can install them from the command line. The process consists in generating a request.key file, uploading it to our license server and downloading the license.key file to be uploaded to the installation dir in your ©ESXi box.

1/ Generate the request.key file from the command line. You can do it as many times as you want, overwriting the existing request.key file will not invalidate a license.

From the installation dir (/scratch/XSI/XSIBackup-DC):

2/ Use WinSCP to download the just generated request.key file to your computer and use a browser to upload it to our license server from the User Area

3/ Wait some minutes until our license server generates your license.key file and download it with your browser to your computer. It will usually have a long name containing the main MAC address of your ©ESXi host.

4/ Use WinSCP to upload the license.key file to your installation dir at your ©ESXi server. Listing the contents of your installation dir should look something like:

5/ Check your license

6/ And finally rename your license key file to license.key. You can just copy it duplicating to the new name just to keep a copy of the original key.