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XSIBACKUP-PRO: the --host argument and process delegation.

The --host option is very popular among XSIBACKUP-PRO users, it allows to execute a backup job to any remote linked (--link-srv) server. This is very convenient when you want to create complex backup topologies that extend throughout a number of servers.

Nevertheless we have found that there's still some obscurity surrounding this command. Although from a user perspective, it may seem natural to believe that backupid=01 will launch backupId=02 when finished, this is not true.

When backupid=00 finishes, it will call backupid=01, that's clear, but backupid=01 will be executed in host It will literally be a process running at host, thus when it finishes, it will look for a backup job named backupId=02 at the host's crontab, and not the crontab from where it was originally launched.

Understanding how remote backups are executed and how the processes must be chained is vital to design more complex backup topologies

Daniel J. García Fidalgo
This page was last modified on 2018-08-14

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