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33HOPS, IT Consultants
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XSIBackup-Datacenter, backup & replication

For VMWare ESXi 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 & 6.7 | Download here | Resources | Change log | Forum

(c)XSIBACKUP-Datacenter is a totally new solution designed from scratch in plain C to maximize I/O efficiency and control. It follows the same design principles as (c)XSIBackup: it's straight, fast and light, but this time we have rethought everything from the ground to make it as efficient as it can possibly be.

Thanks to having been conceived in a low level programming language now (c)XSIBackup has full control at the bit level over every operation on your data, which makes it extremely reliable and fine at the time to report any kind of unexpected situation.


As a consequence of that XSIBACKUP-Datacenter more than doubles (c)XSIBackup in speed, easily reaching above 350 MB/s on commodity hardware and above 500 MB/s on SSD disks also on commodity hardware. The effective speed will vary depending on the amount of empty space, VMFS fragmentation and the data that has changed since last backup, but seeing speeds over 700 MB/s on the full size of the disk isn't rare either.

XSIBACKUP-Datacenter uses deduplication with selectable block size: 1M, 10M (default), 20M and 50M to store Virtual Machines. It can on addition compress data by means of the acclaimed LZJB compression algorithm used by Solaris ZFS, making that technology available to ESXi for the first time.

• Compatible with the free and commercial versions of VMWare ESXi, from ESXi 5.1 upwards, including latest ESXi version 6.7
• Deduplicated backups and differential replicas.
• LZJB Compression.
• Restored VMs are ready to be switched on.
• No limitations, no limit in the number of VMs you can backup per license.
• Cron programmable. Your backup tasks will be run automatically.
• Hot Backup of virtual machines, no downtime.
• Self contained, unattended backups of servers, no need for extra HW.
• Automatic provisioning of space, backup rotation, by deleting the older folders when backup disks are full.
• Detailed report per virtual machine (speed, space provisioning, times taken, etc...)
• Detailed log of every ESXi backup session.

Dowload XSIBackup-Datacenter
Download XSIBackup-Datacenter -

(package includes manual and examples)

(*)Commercial licensed versions with support and removed limits will be available starting this summer.

Alert!  To be able to bring out the full speed of ©XSIBackup-Datacenter, which is probably well above your most optimistic expectations, you will need a CPU that scores around 1800 in the PassMark test for a single core. This is not a big issue, a simple two core Pentium will do it.

Whe have nevertheless found out that per instance some XEON CPUs optimized for multi core usage, score very low on single core tests, this makes ©XSIBackup-Datacenter perform below its full potential.
Intel Xeon E5645 @ 2.40GHz
Ironically this CPU performs worse than a seven year old Intel Pentium G645 @ 2.90GHz when running programs on a single core.
Intel Pentium G645 @ 2.90GHz

• All Pentium, i3, i5, i7 and i9 CPUs score above the minimum requirements, even pretty old ones.
• All fairly recent ©XEON CPUs, even the low end series (E), score way over the minimum requirements for maximum speed.
• In case you find yourself in a situation in which you are limited by some single core performance limitation, just disable --compression on your backups and eventually allow the remote FS to perform the compression on the block chunks on the other side. This technique allows to shift part of the CPU load to the remote end when transferring data over IP.
• And do not forget to enable cache on your controller should you need to: enabling cache on an HP disk controller

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