Last updated on Sunday 18th of December 2022 12:08:36 PM

©XSIBackup-DC custom e-mail report with variables

How to use variables to compose your own report subject

Up until v. the e-mail report could be set manually or left as default. This would not allow to collect the main facts about the job with a quick glance, except the main status: error | success status.

Many people asked us to allow using variables to compose the subject, so that they could have a preliminary view on the job outcome without the need to open the e-mail report.

We have taken the chance to enable this feature in branch 1.6. Since ©XSIBackup supports the use of the following pseudo variables in the --subject argument value in the job:

%source%: source argument value as set in the job.

%errnum%: number of detected errors.

%hostname%: this variable is replaced by the configured hostname. It is the same value that appears in the header of the e-mail report.

%jobid%: this is the session Id of the job being run.

--subject="%hostname% | %source% | %jobid% (%errnum%)"

The subject above composed with the available variables would produce an e-mail subject like the one below.

XSIBackup e-mail subject variables

You can combine all those variables in any way you want to produce subjects that can be read at a glance.