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Senior level

Are you tired of excuses?

Senior level

We are still young, we accumulate an average of more than 23 years of experience in computer science though. We were there when Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet, we started developing the first interactive web pages in Europe in the 90s and learned C programming using vi.

We not only know different programming languages, database servers and operating systems. We know each of the steps to take to get where you want to go, just because we have made that road many times before.

You can probably find somebody cheaper, still you will find nobody that offers you a better price-quality ratio.

If you want to achieve the best results, you need somebody that can offer you assessment with a wide angle view on the matters. An specialist can't be of much help without knowing the adjacent fields and the implications of changing a variable here or there.

Being able to program an SQL query isn't of much help, once you get into an exigent business model, if you don't know how the database engine processes it, how much memory and CPU it will use and how to optimize it accordingly.

Programming a database driven application is just half way to where most businesses will require a technology consultant to guide them. If you aren't able to know which queries can be cached and whether the load should be distributed and how, you are going to leave your client hanging on a string.

That is what we find when we meet many clients for the first time. A whole lot of things that nobody ever cared for and which ends up constituting an invisible wall against which many business owners keep on colliding.

A clear view on things, without filters of convenience or customs is fundamental to optimize the workloads. If you are willing to open your mind up in sake of business optimization contact us for a free quote.