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XSIBACKUP - Resources and documentation

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2019-01-14:  XSIBackup across different ESXi versions. How to deal with mixed ESXi versions.
2019-01-12:  XSIBackup: change log since version 4.2.4
2019-01-12:  XSITools: VMWare ESXi block level deduplication local and over IP
2019-01-12:  XSIBackup: Man Page
2019-01-12:  XSIBackup Less Secure Ciphers in SSH tunnel, boot transfer speed
2019-01-12:  VMWare backup software | XSIBackup: use of xsibackup-rsync in an ESXi environment.
2019-01-06:  XSIBackup: hashes of XSIBackup releases.
2018-12-30:  Automatically pruning XSITools repositories via --backup-room
2018-12-27:  XSIBackup: using different ESXi backup programs
2018-12-12:  Quiescing services of ESXi Windows guest virtual machines by scripting
2018-12-12:  Troubleshooting Windows Snapshots and quiescing Windows
2018-12-10:  XSIBackup guide to backing up VMWare ESXi virtual machines
2018-12-08:  XSIBackup: OneDiff, Change Block Tracking alike technology.
2018-12-08:  VMWare backup restore module and VM browser
2018-12-05:  XSIBackup: restore your virtual machines in VMWare ESXi
2018-12-05:  How to migrate VMWare ESXi Virtual Machines using XSIBackup
2018-11-14:  XSIBackup: naming ESXi resources dynamically
2018-10-29:  Composing ESXi backup jobs, a guide to using XSIBackup
2018-10-19:  XSIBackup: most common issues in ESXi backup
2018-10-14:  XSIBackup uninstall procedure for Free and Pro editions
2018-09-11:  XSIBackup two step deduplication on ESXi, solution deployment
2018-09-05:  XSIBackup: upgrade Procedure
2018-08-26:  XSIBackup: a local service vs artificially overgrown solutions
2018-08-19:  Fast VMWare backup: XSIDiff Man Page
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: XSIDiff, Linux and VMWare Backup differential copy
2018-08-14:  Fast VMWare backup: XSIDiff Change Log
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: VMWare ESXi Virtual Hardware versions.
2018-08-14:  Centralized backups of multiple VMWare ESXi servers.
2018-08-14:  VMWare differential backup | how to use ©OneDiff and still keep a historic set of backups
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup Quickstart guide, backup your ESXi host/s.
2018-08-14:  XSIBACKUP-PRO 8.0.0, ESXi backup, a huge jump forward
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: what has changed in XSIBackup 5.0.0
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: advanced cron, custom variables
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: how to build the perfect backup system
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: ESXi backup chaining --on-success and --on-error arguments
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: backup report e-mail layout customization
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi Backup with deduplication | XSIBackup: XSI Inline Deduplication Tutorial - part 2
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup disk exclusions, how it works
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: the resulting backup size, facts and tips.
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: cron management, troubleshooting
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: VMWare SSL keys and linked ESXi servers
2018-08-14:  33HOPS | Send e-mail from bash script
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup tutorial - part 2, vSphere Backup
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: tutorial - part 1, ESXi Backup
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: VMWare ESXi independent disks
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup, SMTP client configuration and considerations.
2018-08-14:  XSIBACKUP-PRO, how to combine backup programs
2018-08-14:  Use XSIBackup crontab to run any task in VMWare ESXi
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi backup projects out of the box #2
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup PID management, how it works
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi backup projects out of the box #1
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi backup projects out of the box #3
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: reverse VMWare ESXi DNS lookup problems with XSIBackup
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: advanced cron, alternatives to xsibackup-cron file
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: the --host command backup job delegation
2018-08-14:  ESXi backup cron: XSIBackup, remote execution of backup jobs from outer schedulers
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup, ESXi host backup storage: local disks, NFS or iSCSI
2018-08-14:  XSIBACKUP-PRO's Trivial Check, a basic check
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: ESXi throughput, is it limited?
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi Backup with deduplication | XSIBackup: XSI Inline Deduplication Tutorial - part 3
2018-08-14:  VMWare ESXi Backup with deduplication | XSIBackup: XSI Inline Deduplication Tutorial - part 4
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: XSI Inline Deduplication Tutorial - part 1
2018-08-14:  ESXi snapshots | XSIBackup: ESXi Snapshot Errors: solutions and workarounds.
2018-08-14:  XSIBackup: vSphere ESXi disk layout issues
2018-08-07:  XSIBackup: how to take advantage of your storage
2018-07-24:  XSIBackup and ESXi cron troubleshooting
2018-06-20:  XSIBackup-Free 11, what has changed?
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI: simple vmkfstools local ESXi backup, part 2
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI: configure a simple vmkfstools local ESXi backup, part 1
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: restore module, how to restore ESX VMs. Page 7
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: remote execution and event hadlers. Page 6
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: choose the SMTP server. Page 5
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: choosing the backup point. Page 4
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: Backup Jobs. Page 3
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: SMTP Server Management. Page 2
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual: Cron Management and Server Linking. Page 1
2018-06-12:  XSIBackup GUI Manual, introduction. Page 0
2017-11-30:  XSIBackup: the SMTP server's conf/smtpsrvs file
2017-09-05:  XSIBACKUP-PRO, Licensing F.A.Q.
2017-06-28:  VMWare deduplication with XSIBACKUP-PRO, send data to a Borg Backup backend
2017-05-09:  XSIBackup: installation service terms
2017-01-26:  ESXi differential backup | VMWare backup: Rsync *NIX support: Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, etc…

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