©33HOPS PCI Compliance

At 33hops.com we take security in payments very seriously. There are many reasons for that, from moral to practical, industry standards compliance, etc...

It wouldn't make much sense for an SME nowadays to take risks in regards to Credit Card processing, that's why we work with the big dogs in the online payments industry: PayPal and Stripe. They both provide totally PCI compliant payment gateways that we have integrated in our checkout links.

The above means that your Credit Card information does not even touch our web server, when you enter it you do at the payment provider's systems and they take care of all the data processing and PCI compliance.

We are adhered to European standards in regards to data processing and storage and provide our customers with the means to easily unsubscribe from our mailing lists and/or any other form of commercial contact. From other perspective, we do not believe in aggressive marketing strategies, thus our commercial communications are quite seldom, specially when compared to other companies.